Meet Spring 2022: 8 Super Fun Ideas to Celebrate Easter Day

Meet Spring 2022: 8 Super Fun Ideas to Celebrate Easter Day

Easter is the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is also an important day that people celebrate with family or friends to welcome the coming of spring. We have collected the following 8 celebration ideas to do for the lively Easter 2022.


1. Watch Easter Movies

In addition to the traditional customs of Easter, sitting down and watching Easter movies with family together is also a fabulous activity. A good movie can heal people and bring family members closer together and a suitable movie projector can provide an incredible watching experience. JIRENO CUBE4, a fantastic portable projector, is friendly to projector starters and lets you immerse yourselves into interesting Easter movies with stunning color and realistic images. Thanks to its sturdy hand strap, you can conveniently carry it to your backyard and enjoy a cozy movie night.




2. Decorate Your Garden with Easter Lilies

People love to look for the lily, a kind of trumpet-shaped flower symbolizing holiness and purity blooming in spring. In particular, the charming Easter lily is regarded as their “resurrection flower” in Christianity, which is an indispensable flower on Easter. You can decorate your yard and your house with these attractive flowers.   




3. Dye & Hunt for Easter Eggs

Eggs have long been a symbol of life and the hard eggshell cannot stop the new life that is being bred inside. The Easter egg is an essential element of Easter Day. People will paint the eggs with creativity using colorful paintings. In addition, children will carry small baskets to find the colorful eggs that adults hidden in the garden and the one who finds the eggs will get the presents and the family’s blessing.



4. Make Bunny-Shaped Baked Foods

People regard the rabbit as the messenger of spring due to its strong fertility. For skilled chefs, there's plenty of room for making bunny-themed food. You can use multiple food materials to create various tasty foods in different shapes such as bunny tail cakes, bunny marshmallows, bunny ear cookies, etc.




5. Enjoy an Easter Brunch

At the beginning of the wonderful Easter Day, enjoying a mouthwatering menu with ham and lamb couldn’t be better to activate your taste buds. Added some side dishes like mashed potatoes and carrots, and you will get a hearty Easter main dish.



6. Family Photography

Taking family photos and recording this sweet happy moment is a vital part of deepening family affection. When the children grow up, the time that the whole family can get together is getting shorter and shorter, so we should cherish the time when the family can be together.




7. Make Easter Baskets

Which kid can resist the temptation of an Easter basket? Little kids love seeing baskets filled with Easter items, including candies, eggs, and bunny dolls when waking up. The Easter basket is like the Christmas stockings that full of surprises for children, which is also an exquisite decoration set on the table to increase the festive atmosphere.




8. Take a Walk Outside

People bid farewell to the long and cold winter and usher in the spring flowers. Many families plan a hike to enjoy nature. You can go for long walks or hikes on your local nature trails, or just walk around your community. Let’s enjoy this moment of slow time in the warm and comfortable weather.



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2022 Spring Camping Tips for Glamping Movie Night

2022 Spring Camping Tips for Glamping Movie Night

Nowadays, outdoor activities are more and more popular, which stimulates the development of the outdoor camping at the same time. The fierce competition in the city makes the relationship between people increasingly contradictory, urging lots of urban white-collar workers participate in outdoor camping to relax, relieve stress, and exercise.

Modern outdoor camping has developed into the preferred leisure activity, and a large number of cities around the world have established their camping association. 


What is Glamping?

With the rapidly rising of camping, the concept of exquisite camping has gradually entered the public. Glamping means "glamorous camping", also known as wild luxury camping, creating the collision of wild nature and modern luxury.

Different from traditional camping, glamping pays more attention to the aesthetics and style of equipment and pursues a youthful and personalized experience.



7 Must-haves for Glamping

In beautiful nature, masses of attractive elements such as star lights, coffee machines, camping tents with simple and elegant colors, ambient lights, folding tables and chairs with a sense of design constitute the public's impression of exquisite camping. The following are 7 objects that can add freshness and color to your camping activity. 

1. Camping Tent

A suitable and comfortable tent is a crucial thing for camping. Not only can it effectively prevent wind, sun, and rain, but it also can avoid the invasion of some wild animals.

2. Camping Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are essentials for camping and should be chosen according to the using environment and season, ensuring your health and safety.

3. Picnic Set

Besides BBQ, you can also enjoy a sumptuous picnic with a complete picnic set, including a picnic basket, blanket, delicious picnic foods, etc.

4. Flowers

Flowers have the power of making everything look fantastic, which makes it a great scene view to putting the gorgeous flowers on the grass or the blanket.



5. Projector

Besides enjoying the natural scenery, bringing a projector always adds more fun to a camping night. Equipped with a sturdy handle strap, JIRENO CUBE4 portable projector can be carried anywhere conveniently, which is great for camping. Accompanied with an 84'' projector screen, the CUBE4 cinematic projector can provide you with an especially unforgettable and impressive movie night during an RV camping.



6. Portable Power Station

In outdoor activities, electricity is also an essential part to guarantee your normal activities and emergency, making a portable power station be the initial choice.  

7. Marshmallow

BBQ Marshmallow is one of the most well-known BBQ desserts among the young. You can make a s’more by using two soda biscuits, one piece of chocolate, and one BBQ marshmallow so the taste would not be that sweet and greasy.


Why does Glamping Become Popular Suddenly?

The camping before are mainly for professional RV, youth, or tour pals, and there are almost no truly recreational mass camps before 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic becomes the watershed of the development of camping. Affected by the pandemic, this industry has ushered in a trend and has become a popular leisure lifestyle. The family weekend camping has sprung up in large numbers, which is an important and noticeable change.

The camping consumers nowadays don’t pursue the rough-style camping of self-reliance like in the past, but a life experience of contact with nature on a certain material basis, which makes people feel like living a different life.


How to Find Suitable Campsite Spots?

For novice campers, you can choose a self-service camping area where there will be other camping enthusiasts and complete camping gears, ensuring that you can get help whenever needed.

For experienced campers, the near free camp should be located near water, leeward, near a village, far away from the cliff and places easily struck by lightning to guarantee your personal safety.

3 Tips Help You Get the Most Suitable Home Projector

3 Tips Help You Get the Most Suitable Home Projector

You may be dazzled when choosing multiple types of projectors on the market and wondering which projector is right for you. Besides the brightness and the resolution, there are other three parameters that are also vital to choosing the suitable common projector for you when building a home theater.

1. Projection Focal Length

According to the different focal lengths of the projector, which is usually from 50mm to 210mm, the lens can be divided into a short-throw lens, standard lens, and telephoto lens (long-throw lens). The smaller the numerical value, the shorter the focal length, and vice versa.

If you want to project a large picture at a short distance, you need to choose a projector with a short-focus lens. Generally, the projectors use standard lenses, and the popular laser TVs usually use ultra-short-throw lenses.

2. Throw Ratio

The throw ratio refers to the ratio value of the projection distance to the width of the projected screen in the definition of the formula. The throw ratio of standard projectors is usually between 1.5 and 1.9. We usually call a projector with a throw ratio of less than 1 a short-throw projector, and a projector with a throw ratio of less than 0.6 as an ultra-short-throw projector.


3. Contrast Ratio

The brightness and the resolution are two parameters that people pay most attention to when purchasing a projector. However, the contrast ratio is also an essential parameter. The combination of contrast, brightness, and resolution makes the color of the home projector's image stand out, creating a unique large-screen image. 

The contrast ratio of the projector refers to the ratio of the luminance of the brightest area to that of the darkest area of the screen. The larger the ratio, the more gradient levels from the darkest to the brightest, and the richer the color expression, providing a clearer and more eye-catching image.

At present, the nominal contrast ratio of most LCD projector products is around 400:1 (ANSI), while the modern computer LCD monitors have a contrast ratio of between 1000:1 and 3000:1. For watching rich photos and video animations, it is recommended that you should choose a high-contrast projector with a ratio of 1000:1 or more. 

What Kind of Projector is Best for Home Use? 

If you want to get an extremely cost-effective home movie projector, JIRENO CUBE4 can be your initial choice. Although it is equipped with a standard fixed focus lens, it can also adjust the projected image size

Nowadays, the throw ratio of the projector is constantly getting smaller, so that the projector can project large-screen images within a short distance. Take it with a 16:9 aspect ratio as an example, to project a fixed 100-inch projection screen size, you only need to leave a space with a distance of 2.5 meters far away from the projection screen. The CUBE4 fashionable projector has the ability to project a maximum of 200-inch images, making it a highly affordable projector under $300.


For renters or people with irregular room structures, the CUBE4 cinematic projector can make it unnecessary to choose between image quality and screen size as you can get a superior image and a large screen simultaneously, eliminating the concerns of many projector enthusiasts users suffering from the small indoor space. 

With the LCD technology, the CUBE4 projector with full HD can achieve the unambiguous contrast ratio almost the same as an LCD computer monitor, far ahead of other projectors, allowing you to enjoy a vibrant, vivid image full of life and sharpness without loss of detail. Overall, the CUBE4 projector possesses excellent perceived contrast and is able to handle the image color well in ambient light.


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Benefits of the Portable Power Station You Don’t Want to Miss

Benefits of the Portable Power Station You Don’t Want to Miss

What is Portable Power Station?

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the portable power station is a compact generator that provides long-lasting electricity for your essential devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.


Why Do You Need Portable Power Station?

The situation of the sudden shutdown of mobile phones or tablets due to the low battery always leaves us at a loss. Besides, when you go camping and would like to watch movies using the projector, power shortage is a troublesome problem, while the power and the ports of the power bank are limited. At this time, an energy storage power supply such as a portable generating station is your initial choice. An adequate supply of electricity is an essential factor in our lives.




What are the Advantages of the Emergency Power Supply?

The portable emergency power supply is the best tool to ensure that there is always enough electricity when needed, featuring high cost-effective, various sizes available, reliable backup energy sources, and other advantages. A 300W portable power station will be a solid choice for people in need.


1. Compact and Portable

The rechargeable power supply weighs only 5 pounds and is equipped with a 90° handle, which is convenient to take wherever you go and suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, and going for a picnic.

2. Versatile Ports

Equipped with rich ports, including AC outlets, USB ports, DC ports, QC3.0 USB port, and Type-C port, which greatly improves the scalability of the product.

3. Various Devices Available

The large capacity portable battery also meets the electricity needs of most electrical appliances that support charging for smartphones, laptops, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, drones, GoPro, lights, cameras, mini-refrigerator, etc.

4. Safety Protection

In order to ensure the safe use of electricity, the 300W power station configures several security prompts, including over-temperature protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

5. Solar Panel Charging Supported

This battery-powered generator supports being fast charged in five ways, involving charged by generator, PD Charger 60W, car outlet, wall outlet, and a solar panel which is green energy to protect the environment. 


Can You Power CUBE4 Projector with a Backup Power Station?

The CUBE4 projector doesn’t have an inbuilt battery and can only power on when connecting with the power cable, which has been complained by some consumers that it’s not convenient to carry it out.

However, the power station with the solar generator helps a lot. Not only can it provide sufficient power with 250Wh large capacity at any time, but it also meets the essential and emergency electricity needs of outdoor activities such as going camping for a few days. The power adapter of the CUBE4 projector supports full voltage output (110~220V). You can plug the projector into the AC socket, then you can power on the projector.



Safety Instructions

1. Do not insert, remove or operate various cords with wet hands, which may cause electric shock.

2. When the power station is not in use, make sure to remove the cords.

3. Be careful not to let children operate this product.

4. Do not damage, forcibly bend, or fracture various cords. If the cord is damaged, stop using it immediately, otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock.

5. Do not place flammable items or items that are easily deformed by heat on this product.

6. Please make sure the power station is turned off and remove various cords when cleaning.

7. Do not store or use it in strong sunlight to avoid hazards.

8. Please use the original charger to charge the device.

9. Please don’t squeeze, hit, or drop the product vigorously to avoid danger.

10. If you find that the outer shell of this product is seriously damaged or deformed, please stop using it at once and contact the after-sale service.



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What Projector Screen Material is the Best for Home Theatre?

What Projector Screen Material is the Best for Home Theatre?

The projector screen has the effect of increasing the image quality of the projection. Due to the projection method, the brightness of the image on the screen may be attenuated, which is necessary to be enhanced. It is recommended to project the image on a screen when using a projector to watch movies, especially in an environment with colorful walls or strong ambient light.

The projector screen has a diverse classification, and generally can be divided into five material types: matte white, matte gray, metal, fiberglass, and glass beads, which can be arbitrarily selected according to different places.




1. Matte White Projector Screen

The matte white projector curtain uses the rough white fabric without the surface treatment. You can feel the rich texture when touching its surface. This kind of screen can show the performance of the projector as it is and keep a large field of view and natural colors.

2. Matte Gray Projector Screen

The matte gray projector screen is often called high contrast screen which can absorb more ambient light than a matte white screen. It is characterized by high brightness, high contrast,  faithful color reproduction, and crystal-clear imaging. Thanks to the soft light, you will not feel fatigued even if you watch the screen for a long time. In addition, the screen is easy to clean that can be scrubbed.

3. Metal Projector Screen

The metal projector curtain is a kind of hard curtain, featuring good flatness, not easily damaged, long service life, and high brightness. When you play dynamic videos or images, the strong sense of layering and depth makes the images vivid and lifelike, which is especially suitable for watching 3D filming, 3D animation, and game display.

4. Fiberglass Projector Screen

The fiberglass curtain is a composite lightweight material consisting of the base fabric knitted with fiberglass and the surface coated with PVC material. The screen can become flat naturally without manual stretch on account of the support of the fiberglass base fabric. Based on the advantages of the matte white screen, the fiberglass screen also adds several specifics such as moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easy to clean, and high contrast.

5. Glass Beaded Projector Screen

The surface of the glass beaded projector screen is coated with optical crystal glass balls, featuring a vibrant and vivid image. Its biggest highlight is that the reflected light returns in the direction of the incident light, resulting in the collection effect on the light.




Commonly, most users choose screens made of glass beaded or matte white for home theatre. The 84’’ projector screen that comes with JIRENO CUBE4 belongs to the matte white screen, with four layers in total, including HD coating, PVC imaging layer, fiberglass layer, and PVC bottom layer. With the advantages of being wrinkle-free, easy to clean, and mildew-proof, you can indulge yourself like you are watching movies in the cinema. What’s more, you can see the image clearly no matter where you sit at home, and the price is very cheap, providing a cost-effective user experience for you.


How to Install JIRENO CUBE4’s Projector Screen? 

After installing the CUBE4 projector, the projector screen can be easily set up in about 5 minutes with the ropes and the Velcro tapes that come with the screen. You can stick the screen to the wall with the strong Velcro tapes, or hang the screen on a sturdy crossbar with the rope. What’s more, the lightweight projector screen can be rolled up then stored in the included cylinder-shaped storage box for easy portability and enhanced protection.


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5 Hidden Functions of JIRENO CUBE4 Projector

5 Hidden Functions of JIRENO CUBE4 Projector

Besides watching videos, using wireless projection, and playing games, what else can you do with the multifunctional CUBE4 projector? You can get some surprising ideas and novel hidden functions from this article.

Projector Photography

Projector photography, one of the most well-known usages of projector besides projection, has gradually become a fashion trend, allowing you to take a set of beautiful photos without leaving home. You only need to use JIRENO CUBE4 to project the pictures you like on a white wall or a projection screen as the background and pose. You can also take some props such as bouquets, wine glasses, dolls, etc., to look more artistic.

To make the photos more attractive, you can find some light or bright colored background pictures, or cast a beam of white light on your face to cover the pattern projected by the projector. As for the camera parameters, you can freely adjust according to the scene.


Fake Window Challenge

The Fake Window Challenge raised a tide of creative art last year on TikTok. This activity is not a real challenge to compete with others, but use a projector to build a fake window and create a sense of ambience, which is one of the forms of projector photography.




You can use CUBE4 with large screen projection to project different scenery outside the window beside your bed. Even if there is no window in your room, you can immerse yourself in the scene of the coconut grove on the beach and imagine the salty taste from the sea breeze. In the hot summer, you can project the picture of snow land or glacier, as if the summer has also become cooler when watching the scene. 




You can also project dynamic pictures such as being in a spaceship and enjoying the view of the earth from the universe. In addition to the fake window, you can also make a fake ceiling by projecting the entire galaxy onto the ceiling. It’s like staring at the starry sky from the skylight, which is so romantic. With this compact projector, you can experience the beauty of the world without leaving home. You can also adjust the projection size via the image zoom function to perfectly fill your wall with gorgeous scenery pictures.




Online Museum

For human beings, the museum is a special existence. The pace of the time stops here, and the shared memory of human civilization stays under the spotlights one by one. Due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic, people can only stay at home dare not go out at will.

Right now, you can avoid the crowds and get an up-close look at the museum’s treasures. Many museums have produced online museums equipped with detailed exhibition introductions, which are not inferior to the offline experience of viewing the best exhibitions. 

You only need to log on to the museum’s website and use CUBE4 to project it via your mobile phone or your computer. It saves time and effort and also is free. The projected screen is much larger than that of a mobile phone or a laptop, which looks more immersive to let you have a sense of substitution.


Sleep Assistant

The CUBE4 projector with powerful VIDU audio technology can be your intimate accompanying genie. If you feel that you sleep better on rainy days, you can set a shutdown timer, close your eyes and listen to some white noises such as the crackling sound of a campfire and the sound of rain, quickly immersing yourself into the dream world. All of these can be realized by the Bluetooth speaker mode of JIRENO CUBE4.




Tracing Drawing

The CUBE4 FHD projector can also be used as a tracing drawing tool that you can project the painting you like on the wall, and trace the line of the picture with a piece of paper to paint a perfectly restored picture. After taking the paper down, you will find that it was almost identical to the original. Your friends will surely believe you if you joked with them that you drew it by yourself.


February 24, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO
8 Exquisite Gifts for Your Lover on Valentine's Day 2022

8 Exquisite Gifts for Your Lover on Valentine's Day 2022

Although gift-giving is just an expression of our hearts, a good gift can make our lover happy and we will also be satisfied when seeing their smile. More importantly, the gifts sent on Valentine’s day are not just for women. Men are also worthy of receiving gifts and love from women. Love is mutual.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers may not be the classical gifts that people would give on Valentine’s Day, but they are the most ideal gifts for sneakerheads, no matter for what festival. Couples who like sports can get a pair of couple sneakers, an essential item to convey the love.




2. Book

If you don’t want to give luxurious material things as gifts, a spiritual gift is a fine choice. For this Valentine’s Day, Loving You Is Like Loving Life written by Chinese writer Wang Xiaobo is recommended for you. This book mainly includes the letters written between Wang Xiaobo and his wife Li Yinhe, showing their romantic emotional confession with the spark of love which is touching.

3. Projector

Currently, watching videos via a smart projector has already become a fashion trend. JIRENO CUBE4 is not limited to household use. Equipped with a sturdy hand strap, CUBE4 can be carried easily wherever you desire. To provide premium image quality, CUBE4 supports 4K decoding and boasts a native resolution of 1920*1080P, which immerse you into the cinematic viewing experience. CUBE4 also aims at producing high-cost performance projectors that can provide you with natural color transition and high-end realistic images at a reasonable price. With a maximum noise of whisper-quiet 30dB, CUBE4 is very popular with young users.




4. Perfume

Perfume, an affordable luxury, is full of an artistic atmosphere and more worthy of savoring for that making perfume is not just simply mix several spices, but an art instead. The difficulty of sending perfume as a gift is “suitable”, which requires your understanding of your lover. The refreshing perfume scent that suits your lover can also make his or her heart beat faster.




5. Chocolate

As the first element of Valentine’s Day, chocolate has become a symbol of expressing love. Although there are so many choices of delicious and sweet chocolate to buy, it is more sincere to make chocolate by yourself. Making chocolate isn’t difficult as you think. For example, you can add some creative design like making a blind box to surprise your lover.




6. Gaming Console

For people who are not good at craftsmanship, you can choose a practical gift while letting him or her feel full of surprise. After all, catering to your lover’s pleasure is a top priority. If your loved one is passionate about games, you can send gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PS5 for him or her. You can also gift digital games and play the game together to cultivate understanding and gain happiness at the same time.




7. Flower

Red roses, the perfect and classic flowers to give on Valentine’s Day, symbolize love and romance. Every lady loves receiving fresh flowers. While in recent years, preserved fresh flowers have become more and more popular, which implies lasting love. They are almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of shape and feel, maintaining the characteristics of fresh flowers and are richer in color.


red-roses-for valentine's-day


8. Jewelry

It is no doubt that jewelry is a kind of beautiful gift, especially for Valentine’s Day and the gift-giver doesn’t have much economic pressure for that jewelry covers from low to high price and contains a large number of varieties such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, cufflink, and belt, which are suitable for both men and women.




The heart of love is always more valuable than the gift itself. You can choose the gifts above for your lover and your relationship can be soon flourished with the recommended activities on Valentine’s Day. Wish that all lovers in the world could be together forever.

February 10, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO
12 Unforgettable Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day 2022

12 Unforgettable Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day 2022

Most couples will show their love to each other on Valentine’s day. In this passage, you can get some ideas to spend the whole day with your lover.

Outdoor Activities:

1. Watch Movies

Many romantic movies will be shown on Valentine’s day, so couples can go to the cinema and watch movies together. If you want to make this special day more lively, set up a projector and a screen to watch movies in your yard, decorated with roses and balloons. Among the projectors, JIRENO CUBE4 is a great choice. You can post a TikTok video, or post photos of watching movies with JIRENO CUBE4 and tag JIRENO’s official account on Instagram, which you may have the opportunity to win exquisite gifts.

 2. Go to the Amusement Park

An amusement park is a place for couples to keep their innocence and create romantic memories. In addition, couples can go to the zoo and the aquarium. The interactions with animals and taking photos can deepen the relationship unconsciously.


3. Have a Romantic Dinner

The romance needs a sense of ritual. You can take your lover to go to fine dining and enjoy a delicious dinner, indulging yourselves in the atmosphere of romance.


4. Watch Sunrise and Sunset

The most wonderful moment is to watch sunrise and sunset together. Go to the seaside or climb the mountain to greet the first sunlight at dawn and send the sunset away at dusk. You will find that this view is the romance of nature.


5. Holding Hands for a Walk

Needless to say, for couples who are in love, staying with each other is the most beautiful thing no matter where you go and what you do. You can feel the love and the warmth, even if just holding hands and taking a walk.


6. Take a Short Trip

For people who have more time, you can bring your lover and take a self-drive to enjoy the scenery.



Indoor Activities:

1. Watch Movies (with Home Projector)

If you two need alone time at home, watching movies is also a preferred choice. As long as you have a white wall, you can binge-watch a TV series or several films with JIRENO CUBE4. When you’re tired, you can also play mobile games to relax and project the image on the wall, letting both of you immerse yourselves in big-screen games.


2. Cook Together

Cooking is an excellent opportunity for you two to promote feelings and show off your culinary skills. You can both participate in cooking and enjoy a big meal, which is a way to increase the relationship and it must produce full of happiness.


3. Write Love Letters

Couples may have little time to sit down and converse with loving feelings, and some people may feel shy to say love words face to face. Writing a love letter is a euphemistic way to express your love, and you don’t need to be afraid that your lover may not like your letter. The outpouring of true feeling is more contagious than those flashy words.


4. Play Twister with Friends

Twister is a fun group game that tests your balance and body coordination. Join your lover’s circle of friends, and you can gain happiness and team honor from it.


5. Share Songs and Playlist

You can share your favorite songs with your lover and create a playlist, enjoying them and dancing together. In the days to come, no matter how far away you are, you can always hear each other through the playlist.


6. Make a Couple Bucket List

A lot of love is not love at first sight. Love needs to be cultivated slowly and you choose a suitable way to express your love. A bucket list is a simple and intuitive way to mark your memorial days and list fun things you want to do the next year, promoting both of you towards a common goal.


The activities above are just the spice for Valentine’s Day, adding some sense of ceremony. To strengthen your relationship, it is vital to treat each other with love and sincerity every day. Hope these ideas can make you have a happy and sweet Valentine’s Day.


February 09, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO
10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying JIRENO CUBE4

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying JIRENO CUBE4

Projectors can be described as a very popular type of smart audio and video product. Compared with traditional TVs, projectors have significant advantages such as taking up small space, wide projection screen, and tempting price. As a cost-effective portable projector, JIRENO CUBE4 has the brightest lamp and adopts a fully-sealed design, giving the user high-end quality, but not at a high-end price. In order to let you know more, here are brief introductions about CUBE4.

1. Features of Home Theater

Building the home theater is the desire of most movie lovers. Among many parameters, image quality is kind of a paramount factor that they may consider when buying a projector. JIRENO CUBE4 is a good choice to meet your needs. CUBE4 features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080P and full 4K decoding, which means that it can improve the image quality to a higher resolution, and provide a much more incredibly detailed picture than 1080P.


2. Smooth Running System

In this era of intelligence, projectors are also smart. JIRENO CUBE4 comes with a self-developed JI-OS intelligent advanced system based on the latest Android TV system and is equipped with 2GB RAM+16GB large internal storage. This means that you can download and access your favorite applications freely via the inbuilt operating system, such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Tubi, etc. In addition, it adopts Amlogic T972 high-performance chip which combines the CPU, GPU, and other components onto a tiny chip, providing excellent system performance and high-speed image processing.

3. Suitable for Multiple Entertainments Scenarios

To meet the needs of using in more scenarios, JIRENO CUBE4 is equipped with versatile interfaces including a USB port, an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a Type-C port, and a DC power input, providing ample options for external hard drives, monitors, etc. Besides, CUBE4 supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. You can quickly connect it to various wireless and Bluetooth-enabled devices, providing the capability to enjoy your favorite content practically anywhere.

4. Enough Brightness Level

Continuously viewing screens that are too bright can cause eye fatigue. The fully upgraded JIRENO CUBE4 features an eye-comfort brightness level. You will have a wonderful visual experience even when CUBE4 is used in daylight because its light output is significantly brighter than other portable projectors. What’s more, to protect your eyes, the operation of CUBE4 is based on the diffuse reflection principle that can greatly reduce the direct irritation of the strong light source to your eyes.

5. Low Noise & Heat Dissipation

When watching a movie, a great immersive environment is essential and you don’t want to be disturbed by other noises. JIRENO CUBE4's noise level maxes out at a whisper-quiet 30dB, which is barely noticeable even when placed in a quiet bedroom. It creates a theatre-like atmosphere, with nothing disrupting the lifelike soundtrack of your favorite movie. Better yet, CUBE4 is designed with the innovative dual-fan heat dissipation system, making the projector maintain a constant temperature and avoid an overheated surface.

6. Advanced VIDU Audio Technology

Nowadays, you can enjoy an epic home theater experience without buying expensive audio equipment such as a soundbar. Utilized with dual built-in 5W speakers with customized diaphragms, JIRENO CUBE4 can provide you with an exceptional cinematic experience. With original VIDU audio technology, this speaker system provides crisp and clear treble without sacrificing the bass that helps to immerse yourself in room-filling sound.


7. Longer Lamp Life

Longer lamp life means less expense in maintaining your projector. If you are planning to use a home projector to replace the television you currently use, the lamp replacement cost should be factored into your purchase. JIRENO CUBE4 adopts totally-sealed optomechanical technology to comprehensively prevent dust from entering the critical components of the projector. The brand-new air duct design allows the projector to have a better heat dissipation function which greatly extends the service life. Compared with the traditional projector, JIRENO CUBE4 saves a lot of cost for replacing the bulb with 30,000 hours of service life for the lamp.

8. Large Projection Size

A larger projection image can enhance your viewing immersion. To achieve a 30-200inch projection image, the minimum and maximum distance of the projector to the projection surface should be 1m and 5m respectively. For the best viewing experience, we recommend the projection distance should be 2-3 meters. The video can be projected directly on the wall without a screen, letting you immerse yourself in the movie.


9. Simple Installation

Due to its relatively heavier weight than the pico projector, it is recommended that you can just put JIRENO CUBE4 on the desktop or a tripod stand for a higher projection place. The screen that matched with the projector is an adhesive screen, so you don’t need to install it on the ceiling. You can use hooks, nails, or velcro to install the 84-inch screen on a wall or board. At the same time, it’s easy for you to bring CUBE4 anywhere with its handle strap.

10. LCD Display Technology

We hope to create products more adhering to the tenet of environmental protection and energy-saving. So the LCD chip we use is more energy-efficient and can be disposed of more safely than a CRT chip. Simultaneously, the LCD screen has high color reproduction, so the visual experience displayed by CUBE4 is better.

Compared with other high-end projectors, JIRENO CUBE4 still has some shortcomings such as no built-in batteries, making it not that convenient when being carried out. But as a start-up brand, JIRENO has been committed to providing the public with awesome cinematic image quality at a reasonable price. Overall, it can be said to be a very cost-effective projector.

January 19, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO
What is VIDU Audio Technology?

What is VIDU Audio Technology?

JIRENO CUBE4 VIDU Audio Technology: Dual Channel Dynamic Compensation Audio Technology Designed by JIRENO

In short, after the audio decoder receives the external signal, it passes the signal to the power amplifier. Here, there is a port connected to two 5W speakers below and realizes dual-channel sound by audio decoding and power amplification of the left and right channel, which is also the principle of the stereo sound.

In addition to the dual 5W speakers and other exquisite structure settings, CUBE4’ s realistic sound quality experience also benefits from:

1. Inverter Tube Technology-Bass Enhancement Technology
CUBE4 has a customized inverter tube on the right side close to the two speakers, which can perfectly use the vibration of the speakers to inversely strengthen the sound wave. This is equivalent to a channel to enhance the super bass, which is a brilliant design to improve the sound quality.

2. Anti-Breaking Sound Technology-Low Distortion
When the sound decoded by the signal is too loud, it will affect the authenticity of the sound. CUBE4 adopts a digital limiting processing chip to add software that can automatically control the maximum amplitude and distortion rate of the music signal and limit the excessive sound, achieving low distortion and ensuring the perfect sound quality when playing any audio to the maximum volume.

3. Shock Absorption Technology-Low Frequency Resonance
The shock-absorption cushions at the speaker connections can effectively reduce the resonance caused by the projector when it is working, which is much lower than the noise made by other ordinary speakers during the operation. It is needless to say that the low noise helps to create a quiet movie-watching environment.

Also, don’t forget, CUBE4 can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. It plays the most important role in the design of the audio system and is trustworthy.

November 29, 2021 — JIRENOYuki