12 Unforgettable Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day 2022

Most couples will show their love to each other on Valentine’s day. In this passage, you can get some ideas to spend the whole day with your lover.

Outdoor Activities:

1. Watch Movies

Many romantic movies will be shown on Valentine’s day, so couples can go to the cinema and watch movies together. If you want to make this special day more lively, set up a projector and a screen to watch movies in your yard, decorated with roses and balloons. Among the projectors, JIRENO CUBE4 is a great choice. You can post a TikTok video, or post photos of watching movies with JIRENO CUBE4 and tag JIRENO’s official account on Instagram, which you may have the opportunity to win exquisite gifts.

 2. Go to the Amusement Park

An amusement park is a place for couples to keep their innocence and create romantic memories. In addition, couples can go to the zoo and the aquarium. The interactions with animals and taking photos can deepen the relationship unconsciously.


3. Have a Romantic Dinner

The romance needs a sense of ritual. You can take your lover to go to fine dining and enjoy a delicious dinner, indulging yourselves in the atmosphere of romance.


4. Watch Sunrise and Sunset

The most wonderful moment is to watch sunrise and sunset together. Go to the seaside or climb the mountain to greet the first sunlight at dawn and send the sunset away at dusk. You will find that this view is the romance of nature.


5. Holding Hands for a Walk

Needless to say, for couples who are in love, staying with each other is the most beautiful thing no matter where you go and what you do. You can feel the love and the warmth, even if just holding hands and taking a walk.


6. Take a Short Trip

For people who have more time, you can bring your lover and take a self-drive to enjoy the scenery.



Indoor Activities:

1. Watch Movies (with Home Projector)

If you two need alone time at home, watching movies is also a preferred choice. As long as you have a white wall, you can binge-watch a TV series or several films with JIRENO CUBE4. When you’re tired, you can also play mobile games to relax and project the image on the wall, letting both of you immerse yourselves in big-screen games.


2. Cook Together

Cooking is an excellent opportunity for you two to promote feelings and show off your culinary skills. You can both participate in cooking and enjoy a big meal, which is a way to increase the relationship and it must produce full of happiness.


3. Write Love Letters

Couples may have little time to sit down and converse with loving feelings, and some people may feel shy to say love words face to face. Writing a love letter is a euphemistic way to express your love, and you don’t need to be afraid that your lover may not like your letter. The outpouring of true feeling is more contagious than those flashy words.


4. Play Twister with Friends

Twister is a fun group game that tests your balance and body coordination. Join your lover’s circle of friends, and you can gain happiness and team honor from it.


5. Share Songs and Playlist

You can share your favorite songs with your lover and create a playlist, enjoying them and dancing together. In the days to come, no matter how far away you are, you can always hear each other through the playlist.


6. Make a Couple Bucket List

A lot of love is not love at first sight. Love needs to be cultivated slowly and you choose a suitable way to express your love. A bucket list is a simple and intuitive way to mark your memorial days and list fun things you want to do the next year, promoting both of you towards a common goal.


The activities above are just the spice for Valentine’s Day, adding some sense of ceremony. To strengthen your relationship, it is vital to treat each other with love and sincerity every day. Hope these ideas can make you have a happy and sweet Valentine’s Day.


February 09, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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