2022 Spring Camping Tips for Glamping Movie Night

Nowadays, outdoor activities are more and more popular, which stimulates the development of the outdoor camping at the same time. The fierce competition in the city makes the relationship between people increasingly contradictory, urging lots of urban white-collar workers participate in outdoor camping to relax, relieve stress, and exercise.

Modern outdoor camping has developed into the preferred leisure activity, and a large number of cities around the world have established their camping association. 


What is Glamping?

With the rapidly rising of camping, the concept of exquisite camping has gradually entered the public. Glamping means "glamorous camping", also known as wild luxury camping, creating the collision of wild nature and modern luxury.

Different from traditional camping, glamping pays more attention to the aesthetics and style of equipment and pursues a youthful and personalized experience.



7 Must-haves for Glamping

In beautiful nature, masses of attractive elements such as star lights, coffee machines, camping tents with simple and elegant colors, ambient lights, folding tables and chairs with a sense of design constitute the public's impression of exquisite camping. The following are 7 objects that can add freshness and color to your camping activity. 

1. Camping Tent

A suitable and comfortable tent is a crucial thing for camping. Not only can it effectively prevent wind, sun, and rain, but it also can avoid the invasion of some wild animals.

2. Camping Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are essentials for camping and should be chosen according to the using environment and season, ensuring your health and safety.

3. Picnic Set

Besides BBQ, you can also enjoy a sumptuous picnic with a complete picnic set, including a picnic basket, blanket, delicious picnic foods, etc.

4. Flowers

Flowers have the power of making everything look fantastic, which makes it a great scene view to putting the gorgeous flowers on the grass or the blanket.



5. Projector

Besides enjoying the natural scenery, bringing a projector always adds more fun to a camping night. Equipped with a sturdy handle strap, JIRENO CUBE4 portable projector can be carried anywhere conveniently, which is great for camping. Accompanied with an 84'' projector screen, the CUBE4 cinematic projector can provide you with an especially unforgettable and impressive movie night during an RV camping.



6. Portable Power Station

In outdoor activities, electricity is also an essential part to guarantee your normal activities and emergency, making a portable power station be the initial choice.  

7. Marshmallow

BBQ Marshmallow is one of the most well-known BBQ desserts among the young. You can make a s’more by using two soda biscuits, one piece of chocolate, and one BBQ marshmallow so the taste would not be that sweet and greasy.


Why does Glamping Become Popular Suddenly?

The camping before are mainly for professional RV, youth, or tour pals, and there are almost no truly recreational mass camps before 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic becomes the watershed of the development of camping. Affected by the pandemic, this industry has ushered in a trend and has become a popular leisure lifestyle. The family weekend camping has sprung up in large numbers, which is an important and noticeable change.

The camping consumers nowadays don’t pursue the rough-style camping of self-reliance like in the past, but a life experience of contact with nature on a certain material basis, which makes people feel like living a different life.


How to Find Suitable Campsite Spots?

For novice campers, you can choose a self-service camping area where there will be other camping enthusiasts and complete camping gears, ensuring that you can get help whenever needed.

For experienced campers, the near free camp should be located near water, leeward, near a village, far away from the cliff and places easily struck by lightning to guarantee your personal safety.

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