5 Hidden Functions of JIRENO CUBE4 Projector

Besides watching videos, using wireless projection, and playing games, what else can you do with the multifunctional CUBE4 projector? You can get some surprising ideas and novel hidden functions from this article.

Projector Photography

Projector photography, one of the most well-known usages of projector besides projection, has gradually become a fashion trend, allowing you to take a set of beautiful photos without leaving home. You only need to use JIRENO CUBE4 to project the pictures you like on a white wall or a projection screen as the background and pose. You can also take some props such as bouquets, wine glasses, dolls, etc., to look more artistic.

To make the photos more attractive, you can find some light or bright colored background pictures, or cast a beam of white light on your face to cover the pattern projected by the projector. As for the camera parameters, you can freely adjust according to the scene.


Fake Window Challenge

The Fake Window Challenge raised a tide of creative art last year on TikTok. This activity is not a real challenge to compete with others, but use a projector to build a fake window and create a sense of ambience, which is one of the forms of projector photography.




You can use CUBE4 with large screen projection to project different scenery outside the window beside your bed. Even if there is no window in your room, you can immerse yourself in the scene of the coconut grove on the beach and imagine the salty taste from the sea breeze. In the hot summer, you can project the picture of snow land or glacier, as if the summer has also become cooler when watching the scene. 




You can also project dynamic pictures such as being in a spaceship and enjoying the view of the earth from the universe. In addition to the fake window, you can also make a fake ceiling by projecting the entire galaxy onto the ceiling. It’s like staring at the starry sky from the skylight, which is so romantic. With this compact projector, you can experience the beauty of the world without leaving home. You can also adjust the projection size via the image zoom function to perfectly fill your wall with gorgeous scenery pictures.




Online Museum

For human beings, the museum is a special existence. The pace of the time stops here, and the shared memory of human civilization stays under the spotlights one by one. Due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic, people can only stay at home dare not go out at will.

Right now, you can avoid the crowds and get an up-close look at the museum’s treasures. Many museums have produced online museums equipped with detailed exhibition introductions, which are not inferior to the offline experience of viewing the best exhibitions. 

You only need to log on to the museum’s website and use CUBE4 to project it via your mobile phone or your computer. It saves time and effort and also is free. The projected screen is much larger than that of a mobile phone or a laptop, which looks more immersive to let you have a sense of substitution.


Sleep Assistant

The CUBE4 projector with powerful VIDU audio technology can be your intimate accompanying genie. If you feel that you sleep better on rainy days, you can set a shutdown timer, close your eyes and listen to some white noises such as the crackling sound of a campfire and the sound of rain, quickly immersing yourself into the dream world. All of these can be realized by the Bluetooth speaker mode of JIRENO CUBE4.




Tracing Drawing

The CUBE4 FHD projector can also be used as a tracing drawing tool that you can project the painting you like on the wall, and trace the line of the picture with a piece of paper to paint a perfectly restored picture. After taking the paper down, you will find that it was almost identical to the original. Your friends will surely believe you if you joked with them that you drew it by yourself.


February 24, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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