8 Exquisite Gifts for Your Lover on Valentine's Day 2022

Although gift-giving is just an expression of our hearts, a good gift can make our lover happy and we will also be satisfied when seeing their smile. More importantly, the gifts sent on Valentine’s day are not just for women. Men are also worthy of receiving gifts and love from women. Love is mutual.

1. Sneakers

Sneakers may not be the classical gifts that people would give on Valentine’s Day, but they are the most ideal gifts for sneakerheads, no matter for what festival. Couples who like sports can get a pair of couple sneakers, an essential item to convey the love.




2. Book

If you don’t want to give luxurious material things as gifts, a spiritual gift is a fine choice. For this Valentine’s Day, Loving You Is Like Loving Life written by Chinese writer Wang Xiaobo is recommended for you. This book mainly includes the letters written between Wang Xiaobo and his wife Li Yinhe, showing their romantic emotional confession with the spark of love which is touching.

3. Projector

Currently, watching videos via a smart projector has already become a fashion trend. JIRENO CUBE4 is not limited to household use. Equipped with a sturdy hand strap, CUBE4 can be carried easily wherever you desire. To provide premium image quality, CUBE4 supports 4K decoding and boasts a native resolution of 1920*1080P, which immerse you into the cinematic viewing experience. CUBE4 also aims at producing high-cost performance projectors that can provide you with natural color transition and high-end realistic images at a reasonable price. With a maximum noise of whisper-quiet 30dB, CUBE4 is very popular with young users.




4. Perfume

Perfume, an affordable luxury, is full of an artistic atmosphere and more worthy of savoring for that making perfume is not just simply mix several spices, but an art instead. The difficulty of sending perfume as a gift is “suitable”, which requires your understanding of your lover. The refreshing perfume scent that suits your lover can also make his or her heart beat faster.




5. Chocolate

As the first element of Valentine’s Day, chocolate has become a symbol of expressing love. Although there are so many choices of delicious and sweet chocolate to buy, it is more sincere to make chocolate by yourself. Making chocolate isn’t difficult as you think. For example, you can add some creative design like making a blind box to surprise your lover.




6. Gaming Console

For people who are not good at craftsmanship, you can choose a practical gift while letting him or her feel full of surprise. After all, catering to your lover’s pleasure is a top priority. If your loved one is passionate about games, you can send gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PS5 for him or her. You can also gift digital games and play the game together to cultivate understanding and gain happiness at the same time.




7. Flower

Red roses, the perfect and classic flowers to give on Valentine’s Day, symbolize love and romance. Every lady loves receiving fresh flowers. While in recent years, preserved fresh flowers have become more and more popular, which implies lasting love. They are almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of shape and feel, maintaining the characteristics of fresh flowers and are richer in color.


red-roses-for valentine's-day


8. Jewelry

It is no doubt that jewelry is a kind of beautiful gift, especially for Valentine’s Day and the gift-giver doesn’t have much economic pressure for that jewelry covers from low to high price and contains a large number of varieties such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, cufflink, and belt, which are suitable for both men and women.




The heart of love is always more valuable than the gift itself. You can choose the gifts above for your lover and your relationship can be soon flourished with the recommended activities on Valentine’s Day. Wish that all lovers in the world could be together forever.

February 10, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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