Benefits of the Portable Power Station You Don’t Want to Miss

What is Portable Power Station?

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the portable power station is a compact generator that provides long-lasting electricity for your essential devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.


Why Do You Need Portable Power Station?

The situation of the sudden shutdown of mobile phones or tablets due to the low battery always leaves us at a loss. Besides, when you go camping and would like to watch movies using the projector, power shortage is a troublesome problem, while the power and the ports of the power bank are limited. At this time, an energy storage power supply such as a portable generating station is your initial choice. An adequate supply of electricity is an essential factor in our lives.




What are the Advantages of the Emergency Power Supply?

The portable emergency power supply is the best tool to ensure that there is always enough electricity when needed, featuring high cost-effective, various sizes available, reliable backup energy sources, and other advantages. A 300W portable power station will be a solid choice for people in need.


1. Compact and Portable

The rechargeable power supply weighs only 5 pounds and is equipped with a 90° handle, which is convenient to take wherever you go and suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, traveling, and going for a picnic.

2. Versatile Ports

Equipped with rich ports, including AC outlets, USB ports, DC ports, QC3.0 USB port, and Type-C port, which greatly improves the scalability of the product.

3. Various Devices Available

The large capacity portable battery also meets the electricity needs of most electrical appliances that support charging for smartphones, laptops, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, drones, GoPro, lights, cameras, mini-refrigerator, etc.

4. Safety Protection

In order to ensure the safe use of electricity, the 300W power station configures several security prompts, including over-temperature protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, and short circuit protection.

5. Solar Panel Charging Supported

This battery-powered generator supports being fast charged in five ways, involving charged by generator, PD Charger 60W, car outlet, wall outlet, and a solar panel which is green energy to protect the environment. 


Can You Power CUBE4 Projector with a Backup Power Station?

The CUBE4 projector doesn’t have an inbuilt battery and can only power on when connecting with the power cable, which has been complained by some consumers that it’s not convenient to carry it out.

However, the power station with the solar generator helps a lot. Not only can it provide sufficient power with 250Wh large capacity at any time, but it also meets the essential and emergency electricity needs of outdoor activities such as going camping for a few days. The power adapter of the CUBE4 projector supports full voltage output (110~220V). You can plug the projector into the AC socket, then you can power on the projector.



Safety Instructions

1. Do not insert, remove or operate various cords with wet hands, which may cause electric shock.

2. When the power station is not in use, make sure to remove the cords.

3. Be careful not to let children operate this product.

4. Do not damage, forcibly bend, or fracture various cords. If the cord is damaged, stop using it immediately, otherwise, it may cause fire or electric shock.

5. Do not place flammable items or items that are easily deformed by heat on this product.

6. Please make sure the power station is turned off and remove various cords when cleaning.

7. Do not store or use it in strong sunlight to avoid hazards.

8. Please use the original charger to charge the device.

9. Please don’t squeeze, hit, or drop the product vigorously to avoid danger.

10. If you find that the outer shell of this product is seriously damaged or deformed, please stop using it at once and contact the after-sale service.



March 18, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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