Meet Spring 2022: 8 Super Fun Ideas to Celebrate Easter Day

Easter is the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is also an important day that people celebrate with family or friends to welcome the coming of spring. We have collected the following 8 celebration ideas to do for the lively Easter 2022.


1. Watch Easter Movies

In addition to the traditional customs of Easter, sitting down and watching Easter movies with family together is also a fabulous activity. A good movie can heal people and bring family members closer together and a suitable movie projector can provide an incredible watching experience. JIRENO CUBE4, a fantastic portable projector, is friendly to projector starters and lets you immerse yourselves into interesting Easter movies with stunning color and realistic images. Thanks to its sturdy hand strap, you can conveniently carry it to your backyard and enjoy a cozy movie night.




2. Decorate Your Garden with Easter Lilies

People love to look for the lily, a kind of trumpet-shaped flower symbolizing holiness and purity blooming in spring. In particular, the charming Easter lily is regarded as their “resurrection flower” in Christianity, which is an indispensable flower on Easter. You can decorate your yard and your house with these attractive flowers.   




3. Dye & Hunt for Easter Eggs

Eggs have long been a symbol of life and the hard eggshell cannot stop the new life that is being bred inside. The Easter egg is an essential element of Easter Day. People will paint the eggs with creativity using colorful paintings. In addition, children will carry small baskets to find the colorful eggs that adults hidden in the garden and the one who finds the eggs will get the presents and the family’s blessing.



4. Make Bunny-Shaped Baked Foods

People regard the rabbit as the messenger of spring due to its strong fertility. For skilled chefs, there's plenty of room for making bunny-themed food. You can use multiple food materials to create various tasty foods in different shapes such as bunny tail cakes, bunny marshmallows, bunny ear cookies, etc.




5. Enjoy an Easter Brunch

At the beginning of the wonderful Easter Day, enjoying a mouthwatering menu with ham and lamb couldn’t be better to activate your taste buds. Added some side dishes like mashed potatoes and carrots, and you will get a hearty Easter main dish.



6. Family Photography

Taking family photos and recording this sweet happy moment is a vital part of deepening family affection. When the children grow up, the time that the whole family can get together is getting shorter and shorter, so we should cherish the time when the family can be together.




7. Make Easter Baskets

Which kid can resist the temptation of an Easter basket? Little kids love seeing baskets filled with Easter items, including candies, eggs, and bunny dolls when waking up. The Easter basket is like the Christmas stockings that full of surprises for children, which is also an exquisite decoration set on the table to increase the festive atmosphere.




8. Take a Walk Outside

People bid farewell to the long and cold winter and usher in the spring flowers. Many families plan a hike to enjoy nature. You can go for long walks or hikes on your local nature trails, or just walk around your community. Let’s enjoy this moment of slow time in the warm and comfortable weather.



April 13, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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