What is VIDU Audio Technology?

JIRENO CUBE4 VIDU Audio Technology: Dual Channel Dynamic Compensation Audio Technology Designed by JIRENO

In short, after the audio decoder receives the external signal, it passes the signal to the power amplifier. Here, there is a port connected to two 5W speakers below and realizes dual-channel sound by audio decoding and power amplification of the left and right channel, which is also the principle of the stereo sound.

In addition to the dual 5W speakers and other exquisite structure settings, CUBE4’ s realistic sound quality experience also benefits from:

1. Inverter Tube Technology-Bass Enhancement Technology
CUBE4 has a customized inverter tube on the right side close to the two speakers, which can perfectly use the vibration of the speakers to inversely strengthen the sound wave. This is equivalent to a channel to enhance the super bass, which is a brilliant design to improve the sound quality.

2. Anti-Breaking Sound Technology-Low Distortion
When the sound decoded by the signal is too loud, it will affect the authenticity of the sound. CUBE4 adopts a digital limiting processing chip to add software that can automatically control the maximum amplitude and distortion rate of the music signal and limit the excessive sound, achieving low distortion and ensuring the perfect sound quality when playing any audio to the maximum volume.

3. Shock Absorption Technology-Low Frequency Resonance
The shock-absorption cushions at the speaker connections can effectively reduce the resonance caused by the projector when it is working, which is much lower than the noise made by other ordinary speakers during the operation. It is needless to say that the low noise helps to create a quiet movie-watching environment.

Also, don’t forget, CUBE4 can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. It plays the most important role in the design of the audio system and is trustworthy.

November 29, 2021 — JIRENOYuki



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