What Projector Screen Material is the Best for Home Theatre?

The projector screen has the effect of increasing the image quality of the projection. Due to the projection method, the brightness of the image on the screen may be attenuated, which is necessary to be enhanced. It is recommended to project the image on a screen when using a projector to watch movies, especially in an environment with colorful walls or strong ambient light.

The projector screen has a diverse classification, and generally can be divided into five material types: matte white, matte gray, metal, fiberglass, and glass beads, which can be arbitrarily selected according to different places.




1. Matte White Projector Screen

The matte white projector curtain uses the rough white fabric without the surface treatment. You can feel the rich texture when touching its surface. This kind of screen can show the performance of the projector as it is and keep a large field of view and natural colors.

2. Matte Gray Projector Screen

The matte gray projector screen is often called high contrast screen which can absorb more ambient light than a matte white screen. It is characterized by high brightness, high contrast,  faithful color reproduction, and crystal-clear imaging. Thanks to the soft light, you will not feel fatigued even if you watch the screen for a long time. In addition, the screen is easy to clean that can be scrubbed.

3. Metal Projector Screen

The metal projector curtain is a kind of hard curtain, featuring good flatness, not easily damaged, long service life, and high brightness. When you play dynamic videos or images, the strong sense of layering and depth makes the images vivid and lifelike, which is especially suitable for watching 3D filming, 3D animation, and game display.

4. Fiberglass Projector Screen

The fiberglass curtain is a composite lightweight material consisting of the base fabric knitted with fiberglass and the surface coated with PVC material. The screen can become flat naturally without manual stretch on account of the support of the fiberglass base fabric. Based on the advantages of the matte white screen, the fiberglass screen also adds several specifics such as moisture-proof, mildew-proof, easy to clean, and high contrast.

5. Glass Beaded Projector Screen

The surface of the glass beaded projector screen is coated with optical crystal glass balls, featuring a vibrant and vivid image. Its biggest highlight is that the reflected light returns in the direction of the incident light, resulting in the collection effect on the light.




Commonly, most users choose screens made of glass beaded or matte white for home theatre. The 84’’ projector screen that comes with JIRENO CUBE4 belongs to the matte white screen, with four layers in total, including HD coating, PVC imaging layer, fiberglass layer, and PVC bottom layer. With the advantages of being wrinkle-free, easy to clean, and mildew-proof, you can indulge yourself like you are watching movies in the cinema. What’s more, you can see the image clearly no matter where you sit at home, and the price is very cheap, providing a cost-effective user experience for you.


How to Install JIRENO CUBE4’s Projector Screen? 

After installing the CUBE4 projector, the projector screen can be easily set up in about 5 minutes with the ropes and the Velcro tapes that come with the screen. You can stick the screen to the wall with the strong Velcro tapes, or hang the screen on a sturdy crossbar with the rope. What’s more, the lightweight projector screen can be rolled up then stored in the included cylinder-shaped storage box for easy portability and enhanced protection.


March 10, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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