Laser TV or Projector? (Pros & Cons Explained)

In recent years, the trend of watching movies on a large screen at home has begun to emerge, and among multiple large-screen equipment options, projectors are particularly favored by people. Not only because projectors can achieve super-large viewing images, but also projectors are friendly to your eyes, especially suitable for the elderly and children to watch. Laser TV is a kind of short-throw projector. We need to understand the differences between the laser TV and the normal projector first and then make choice according to our own needs.

1. What are the types of the light source of laser TV and projector?

The laser TV uses solid-state lasers as a light source, generally adopting three-color or monochromatic solid-state lasers, with phosphor powder as the light-emitting source. This is what we call ALPD or “Advanced Laser Phosphor Display”. The laser light source features high brightness, long service life, but relatively high cost.


The normal projectors are mainly divided into two categories. One is the traditional projector with bulb, using an ultra-high pressure mercury lamp as the light source with the advantage of being high brightness but short lifespan with only a few thousand hours, and the volume is large. The brightness will become lower and lower over the long-term use, and the bulb needs to be replaced regularly. The other is the current mainstream LED projector, featuring a small-size light source, longer service life, and greatly improved color gamut. Although the brand-new JIRENO CUBE4 adopts the LCD display technology, it has a better effect on dynamic image projection.


2. What are the display effectof laser TV and projector?

Brightness & Chip

The display effect of laser TV can be said to be ahead of most projectors for the reason that the laser TV has higher ANSI lumen and more DLP chips than normal projectors. Coupled with the anti-light screen to reduce the surrounding ambient light, that is why there’s a saying that the experience of watching laser TV is comparable to LCD TVs.

The projector is more like mini audio-visual equipment used for entertainment at home. With such a compact body, it is indeed a bit too difficult to replace a TV with a sophisticated structure and excellent brightness. For professional home projectors, the brightness will not be particularly high with the LED light source, otherwise, the color performance of the image will not be accurate. So you need to draw curtains to get the best viewing experience when using the projector, while the laser TV does not.


Diffuse Reflection Principle

One thing to note is that the projector adopts the principle of diffuse reflection. Although the anti-light environment is weaker, it can avoid the reflection of the strong light directly into your eyes and has a certain protective effect on your eyes.

The laser TV is also based on diffuse reflection. However, the high brightness of the laser TV forms a strong contrast with the indoor environment and appears brighter especially at night, which will increase eye fatigue and eye comfort. Relatively speaking, the projector is more eye-protected.


3. Pros & Cons

Pros of Laser TV:

  • The laser light is pure and its light source system can guarantee lasting high brightness and crystal-clear image.
  • The service life of laser TV can be up to 20,000 hours. If you use it for 8 hours a day, it can also be used for about 8 years.
  • The laser TV can be installed flexibly that it can be placed directly on the TV cabinet, and large-size images can be projected in a small space.
  • The color gamut of laser display is wide and the color coverage rate can reach up to 90%, showing high color saturation and strong color reproduction ability.

Cons of Laser TV:

  • The power of laser TV is slightly too large, and the energy consumption is higher than that of the normal projectors.
  • The projected image of laser TV is limited. At present, the projected image size is basically between 50 and 150 inches, which is slightly smaller compared with the maximum projected image projected by projectors.
  • The price of the high-end laser TV is high that normally costs thousands of dollars, which is a large expense for many users.

Pros of Projector:

  • The whole machine features low power consumption, long service life, energy-saving and environmental-protection. The current smart projectors, such as JIRENO CUBE4, have a life span of more than 30,000 hours. If you use it for 8 hours a day, it can also be used for at least 10 years.
  • Due to the high reliability of the projector, the maintenance and after-sales service costs are low, saving lots of money and unnecessary troubles.
  • The projector, especially the home projector, is relatively small and portable, suitable for office workers and renters. It saves space and is convenient to be carried with you.
  • The projector can easily connect to other digital devices such as computers, mobile phones,  and storage devices such as U-disk and mobile hard disks. It also supports playing most multimedia files on the market, making it a powerful portable multimedia player.
  • Projectors are rich in functions nowadays that are not only limited to home use but can also be used for business and meetings at work.

Cons of Projector:

  • The overall brightness is not that high. A few superior high-end products may reach the brightness up to 1000ANSI lumen, but most of the projectors only reach several hundreds of ANSI lumen.
  • Although the projector is space-saving, a certain space is required for viewing. 2m or even more is required generally to enjoy the viewing experience with a 100-inch large screen.

4. Application Scenarios

Combining the above factors, laser TVs are attractive and applicable for people who would like to build an ultimate private home theater, and their development trend is also concerned by these users.

With a compact and portable projector, the built-in stereo sound surrounds you and fills the entire space. When you travel outdoors with friends, it is convenient to bring a portable projector, watch movies and spend a happy time together.


Overall, both the projector and the laser TV have advantages and disadvantages due to their different characteristics. However, from the perspective of practicality and cost performance, projectors are more suitable for home use and better for eye protection. In particular, the emerging portable projector brand JIRENO combines the projector with Bluetooth speaker, exploring the powerful functions of projectors, which are also unmatched by laser TVs. The pace of modern life is too fast, and the stress from busy work torments modern people’s bodies and minds. At this time, the innovative VIDU technology can help you immerse yourselves in your own small space to rest and enjoy a favorite movie with relaxation. 



January 24, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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