JIRENO CUBE4 Full HD Portable Projector

JIRENO CUBE4 Full HD Portable Projector

--True Cinematic Experience

JIRENO CUBE4 Full HD Portable Projector

--True Cinematic Experience

Under the influence of the global epidemic, many people’s lifestyles have changed and we have more time to spend with our families and friends at home. In this case, JIRENO's first self-developed FHD projector CUBE4 will make a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on November 16.

JIRENO, an emerging international projector brand, stands for "ultimate and revolutionary innovation" and expresses the belief of "stay true to the mission and keep going". Like its brand concept, CUBE4 is committed to making further achievements in the field of portable home projectors and creating a better viewing experience for users. “CUBE4 intends to make a projector more fashionable, brighter and more portable,” said Bill Liu, the chief designer of JIRENO CUBE4.

Historically, most traditional projectors have low brightness, low resolution and high price. What’s more, the image is easy to be affected by dust and small black spots appear. The brightness and dustproof of a projector have always been important factors for the performance and use experience of the projector.

Excellent Performance

CUBE4 features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080P and full 4K decoding. Thanks to the fully sealed optical machine technology, the interior of the equipment remains dust-free, so black spots on the picture can be avoided.   

Portable Design

The portable handle enables you to take the projector anywhere, which is common, but CUBE4's unique and cinematic-level VIDU audio technology allows the speaker to set off a storm, which is excellent both indoors and outdoors.

(VIDU Audio Technology: Dual channel dynamic compensation audio technology designed by JIRENO)

Fast Adjustment

CUBE4 will automatically focus after being turned on within five seconds. It features an onboard camera combined with IR ranging technology, a sophisticated CMOS camera algorithm, and a lens memory function. Besides, CUBE4 is fitted with a 6D automatic correction function which scans the surrounding area and its beam's impact point, then automatically completes the required adjustments to produce a completely flat and rectangular image.

Self-Developed JI-OS System

CUBE4 comes with a self-developed JI-OS intelligent advanced system based on the latest Android TV system and is equipped with 2GB RAM+16GB large internal storage. This means that you can download and access your favorite applications freely via the inbuilt operating system, such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Tubi, etc. Even better, the projector's remote control is equipped with the function of receiving voice commands. You only need to press the appropriate button while saying what television show, movie, or soundtrack you wish to play. 

Last but not least, JIRENO CUBE4 Kickstarter pledges start at $199 ($299), coming with a bundle of special rewards and surprise gifts, and If funding goals are met, the estimated shipping time start in January 2022.

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November 22, 2021 — JirenoKikyo

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