We have collected the feedback from the majority of users and carried out troubleshooting. You can get answers to the common problems when using JIRENO CUBE4.

Reminder: Do not make any changes or settings not described in the manual without authorization to avoid damage to the machine. 


General Guidance of JIRENO CUBE4

Q: What operating system does the JIRENO CUBE4 run?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 runs the self-developed advanced JI-OS system based on Android 9.0.


Q: Does JIRENO CUBE4 support external speakers?

A: Yes, JIRENO CUBE4 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and equips with a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can connect it to speakers via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable. 


Q: Do I need to use a projection screen to project?

A: You don't have to use a projection screen to project. As long as you have a blank white wall wide enough, you can get a maximum 200-inch projection size that displays the optimal image quality.


Q: Why doesn’t the power indicator light up?

A: The power plug is not properly inserted. Please insert the power plug into an electrical outlet properly.


Q: Why can’t I turn on the projector by pressing the On/Off button on the remote controller?

A: Check if the remote controller has run out of battery. If so, please replace it with 2xAAA batteries.


Q: Does the JIRENO CUBE4 have a battery in?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 has no built-in battery, but it supports charging with a DC power cable.


Q: What is the throw ratio of JIRENO CUBE4?

A: The throw ratio of JIRENO CUBE4 is 1.25:1.


Q: Is JIRENO CUBE4 a DLP projector or LCD?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 uses LCD technology.


Q: Can JIRENO CUBE4 adjust the brightness, contrast, and color temperature?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 doesn’t support adjusting the brightness, contrast, and color temperature.


Quick Use of JIRENO CUBE4

1. Remote Controller

Q: How to replace the batteries of JIRENO CUBE4’s remote controller?

A: Turn over the remote controller. Follow the direction of the triangle on the back cover and slide the whole back cover to replace or install the batteries.


Q: How to use the remote controller?

A: 1.  The remote controller can be controlled by infrared or Bluetooth. Enter the Bluetooth interface to pair the projector with the remote control.

  1.  The Bluetooth may not be connected to the remote control, or the Bluetooth is turned off. Please check if the remote control connects to the Bluetooth of the projector.
  2.  For better use of Netflix, it is recommended to connect the projector with an external mouse or mouse function in EShare.


Q: How to remote when using Netflix?

A: Try to plug a wired mouse or a Bluetooth wireless mouse into the USB port of the projector to control it. For details, please refer to this tutorial: JIRENO CUBE4: 5 STEPS TO MAKE THE PROJECTOR A LARGE EXTERNAL MONITOR.


2. Display

Q: How to adjust the clarity of the projected image?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 supports both auto-focus and manual focus. Please refer to the tutorial: 4 DIFFERENT WAYS TO ADJUST THE IMAGE WITH JIRENO CUBE4.


3. External Devices

Q: How to connect Bluetooth earphones to the projector?

A: Update the projector’s system to the latest version after a successful internet connection.


Q: How to search the apps on the projector?

A: The Play Store is preinstalled in the projector, you can search the apps in the store and download them. If you cannot search the app, you can download the APK from your laptop and install the app from an external U-disk.


Q: How to send files to the projector to project on the wall?

A: JIRENO CUBE4 doesn't support browsing files on it for now. You can only watch videos and pictures from an external device via the USB port or the HDMI port. Also, your mobile phone is allowed to be projected on the wall. Please check the tutorial article: 5 STEPS TO PROJECT MOBILE SCREEN ON A WALL USING JIRENO CUBE4.


4. Internet Connection

Q: What should I do if the internet connection fails?

A: Manually set the date and the time of the projector to the current time properly. If it doesn’t work, reset the router. If it still doesn’t work, reset the projector. For details, please refer to this tutorial: HOW TO FIX THE INTERNET CONNECTION ISSUES OF PROJECTOR?


5. Reset

Q: How to reset the projector?

A: If the system of your projector is 20220101 version, in the standby state, press and hold the power button for 10s, and let go when the blue indicator is on. For details, please refer to this: reset tutorial video (V 9.0).

If the system of your projector is 20220228 version, in the standby state, press and hold the power button for 15s, and let go when the blue indicator is off and the green indicator is on again. For details, please refer to this: reset tutorial video (V 9.1).

April 07, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO