How to Use Netflix Properly on JIRENO CUBE4 Projector?

How to Use Netflix Properly on JIRENO CUBE4 Projector?

As one of the most popular streaming media, Netflix, the preinstalled app in the CUBE4 projector, can be watched easily on the product.

Enter the home screen and choose Netflix on the first row or enter More APPs and choose Netflix. Press the OK button to enter the app.


The Netflix app can be operated in four ways, allowing you to watch videos on a sprawling 200-inch projected surface freely.

1. Remote Controller

Step 1: After entering the app, press the Up direction button of the remote control to select SIGN IN. You will see a light-gray circle on it.


Step 2: Press the OK button to enter the login interface.


Step 3: Press the direction buttons to enter letters.

Step 4: After entering your Email, press Next to enter the password.

Step 5: Press SIGN IN to enter the app.


2. Mouse Mode of the Remote Control

When you turn on the mouse mode, you can operate easily with more functions and even update the program.

Step 1: Press and hold the menu/settings button for 2 seconds to enter Settings and select Mouse Mode.


Step 2: Press the OK button once to turn on the mouse mode. Then a mouse cursor will appear on the screen. You can long-press the direction buttons to move the pointer to go up, down, left and right.


Step 3: Press SIGN IN and then enter letters by pressing the direction buttons.


JIRENO CUBE4 also supports being operated by an actual mouse. As for the specific operations of the wired mouse and the wireless Bluetooth mouse, please refer to the article: JIRENO CUBE4: 5 STEPS TO MAKE THE PROJECTOR A LARGE EXTERNAL MONITOR.


You can also watch the tutorial video on YouTube to get the operation process more intuitively. 




March 03, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO