4 Different Ways to Adjust the Image with JIRENO CUBE4

To ensure that JIRENO CUBE4 presents a rectangular image, you can adjust it via the keystone correction or four point correction.

Keystone Correction

If you should bump against CUBE4 inadvertently, letting it move slightly out of place, the keystone correction will quickly calculate the change in keystone error and readjust the image in time. Although it only supports vertical keystone correction for now that you can only adjust the length of the image to achieve a rectangular image, its auto-focus and four point correction function will make up for this shortcoming, and it will not affect your use.




Note: The horizontal keystone function will be improved and upgraded in future system updates.




Step1: Open the Settings, select Keystone Automatic.




Step2: Turn the keystone function on, then the image will revert to a rectangle.




Four Point Correction

If the screen is wrinkled, the projected image may be influenced. You can adjust the image via the four point correction function.

Step1: Open the Settings, select Four Keystone.



Step2: Follow the instructions on the screen to adjust to the optimal image.




The following is the comparison of the image before and after the four point correction.





When turning on JIRENO CUBE4, it will focus automatically according to the distance between the projector and the wall. If you move the projector substantially, the clarity of the image may take a few seconds to adjust via the auto-focus.



If you’re not satisfied with the clarity of the image, you can also adjust the focus manually.



Long-press the Near-Focus-Adjustment (Near Focus Adjustment) Button of the remote control and hold to zoom in.




Long-press the Far-Focus-Adjustment (Far Focus Adjustment) Button of the remote control and hold to zoom out.



You can also watch the tutorial video on YouTube to get the operation process more intuitively.


There are some other functions to introduce below. 

Uninstall & Reinstall Apps

Step1: Enter the homepage of JIRENO CUBE4 and select More Apps.




Step2: If you want to uninstall the App, select that one and press Menu-Settings-Button (Menu/Settings Button).

Some preinstalled Apps cannot be uninstalled and a prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen saying that “The system should be non-dismountable!”  



When you select the App that can be uninstalled and press the menu-settings-button(Menu/Settings Button), you can follow the instruction and uninstall the App.



You can also format the App and restore it to the factory setting.




Add and Delete Your Favorite

Step1: Select the module with “+” of the first row and press the OK button to open the App list.




Step2: Select the App you want to add to your favorite and press the OK button.



Step3: Press the OK button and hold for two seconds, you can choose to open the App, switch its position in the row or remove it from your favorites.


App-function move-the-App 

If you have any questions about JIRENO CUBE4, please feel free to contact us via the email support@jireno.com, we will give the detailed guidelines as soon as possible to solve your problems.

For the specific operation process, please refer to the corresponding tutorial video.

February 21, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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