Go For Bluetooth Speaker and Other Functions of JIRENO CUBE4

Bluetooth Speaker Mode

Thanks to adopting the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, JIRENO CUBE4 can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. With powerful VIDU audio technology, the compact CUBE4 projector can provide theater-like surround sound for you.


Turn on the Speaker Mode

Step1: Press Bluetooth-speaker-switch-button (the Bluetooth speaker switch button) of the remote controller once to turn on the Bluetooth speaker mode.


Step2: Turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, and choose [JIRENO CUBE4] as the device to be added. You will hear the prompt “connected” when it connects to the projector successfully.


Step3: Turn off the Bluetooth of your device to disconnect to the CUBE4 projector. You will hear the prompt “disconnected” when it disconnects successfully.


If you don’t need the projection, you can turn off the screen to save the power in two ways.

a. Press the power button of the remote control once and select Sleep. Press the power button again to activate the screen.


b. Select the Turn off the screen button and press the OK button. You can press any key to activate the screen.


If you select the Forget this device button, next time, you need to reconfirm to connect your device to the projector.


Exit the Speaker Mode

Step1: Press Back-button (the Back button)/ HOME-button (the HOME button) of the remote control once to return to the homepage.

Step2: Press the power button on the top of the projector once, or press the power button of the remote controller once, and then press the OK button to shut down the projector.


Aspect Ratio

You can change the display’s aspect ratio by selecting Settings > Aspect Mode


It can be adjusted from 16:9 to 4:3 to avoid empty bands around the screen when watching an older movie or TV show.

auto-aspect-ratio aspect-ratio-of-4:3 aspect-ratio-of-16:9


Image Zoom

Also, you can adjust the size of the projection image according to your actual using scene, and the CUBE4 with the cinematic image quality can achieve a maximum 200-inch large-screen projection.

Step1: Enter Settings and Select Zoom.


Step2: You can press the Up direction button and the Down direction button to adjust the size of the projected image.


The projection size can be adjusted from 30 inches to 200 inches, and a prompt will appear on the screen when adjusting to the minimum and the maximum size.

minimum-zoom maximum-zoom 

For other fun functions of JIRENO CUBE4, you can check the previous passage to get various ways of playing with the multifunctional projector.

You can also watch the tutorial video on YouTube to get the operation process more intuitively.


March 02, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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