How to determine the bright of the projector

You’ll be using “lumens” to express how much light a lamp - or another light source - produces, regardless of the direction that light goes into.

You’ll be using “ANSI lumens” to express how bright the image of a projector will be as a result of the output of the lamp inside that projector. Of course, there are other factors that define the brightness of the image. For instance, projecting a black PowerPoint slide would not give a lot of brightness on the screen.

While a lamp manufacturer uses a laboratory setup to measure the entire light output to determine that output in lumen, projector makers follow an approach defined by the ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) in order to make projectors comparable to each other.
(ANSI brightness, LED brightness, and light source brightness)
The most common knowledge is how to determine the brightness of the projector. But when many of these consumers actually look into the issue, they end up facing a bigger puzzle: how to make sense of the various brightness specifications listed on the market. This issue is a result of the fact that some brands on the market choose not to use the internationally-recognized brightness standard adopted by the majority of their peers, ANSI brightness, but instead advertise brightness specs different from others. This is a table of ANSI brightness, LED brightness, and light source brightness clarification for your reference



  ANSI Lumens LED Lumens

Light Source Lumens

Developed and defined by the internationally-recognized association, American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  
Independently claimed by a small number of brands.

Internationally recognized standard.

Represent the brightness observed of an image that is projected onto a screen.
Quantify the brightness sensed by the human eye.

Indicate the brightness observed directly from a light source.

Scope of Use
Internationally-recognized standard suitable for all projectors.
Applicable only to certain LED projectors from a specified number of brands.

Normally used to indicate the brightness of the light source itself, but used by some manufacturers of single-panel LCD. projectors to misrepresent the projector’s overall brightness.

Calculation Method
Average out the measured brightness of 9 distinct regions of a projection screen
Its method of measurement is designed by the companies themselves, which allows them to claim their LED projectors are brighter to the human eye than traditional projectors. Such methods have not been certified by any international organizations.

Directly measure the light source’s brightness.

source: Benq
November 22, 2021 — JirenoKikyo

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