How to Fix the Internet Connection Issues of Projector?

A smooth viewing experience is what projector users wish to have. Sometimes, however, the projector may have an internet connection problem that it cannot connect to the Wi-Fi or disconnect suddenly during watching.


Why is Your Wireless Projector Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi?

Problems with Wi-Fi can occur from many sources, including internet service providers, routers, projectors, damaged or faulty cables and wires, etc. Here are some common issues that most people struggle with and can fix by yourselves.

1. The projector is too far from the router to search for the Wi-Fi signal.

2. The signal of the router is faulty.

3. The projector ignored the network previously.

4. There are too many devices connected to the same network, which may affect the processing of the network data by the processor of the router, resulting in network congestion, the network continuously connecting and disconnecting.


How to Fix an Unstable Internet Connection of Your Projector?

Many projectors may have issues with Wi-Fi connection during use. If your CUBE4 projector also encounters a network disconnection problem, please refer to the following solutions.

First, you need to ascertain if your other devices can connect to the same internet and work normally. If they cannot connect to the internet, the network may have a problem. 

To fix the issue of Wi-Fi disconnection of your projector, you can follow the solutions below to the corresponding problems above.

1. Improve the Wi-Fi signal of the router.

Barriers such as walls can block or downgrade the strength of the signal from your Wi-Fi router. You can follow the following steps to guarantee a stable transmission of the Wi-Fi signal.

  • Make sure the distance between your projector and the router is within 10ft (3m) - the same room is recommended.
  • If the two are more than 10ft (3m) apart, move your projector closer to the router. 
  • If the location of the Wi-Fi router and the projector can’t be changed, try using a Wi-Fi repeater.
  • Make sure there are no metal, thick walls, or hard materials blocking the Wi-Fi signal.


2. Restart your projector and the router. If possible, restore the router to factory settings.

Try to connect a different device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, PC) to your network via Wi-Fi to check if it can work normally.

If your projector’s Wi-Fi shows that the projector is indeed connected to the internet but the network still isn’t working or is very unstable, you can try restarting the projector, restarting the router, or resetting the router to factory settings.

3. Re-pair your projector with the Wi-Fi and connect.

Delete the Wi-Fi connection record and try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi by entering the password to add the network manually.

4. Connect your projector to other networks.

Turn off other devices in the same network, or connect your projector to your mobile phone’s hotspot, or another Wi-Fi network to see how it works.


If all the steps above cannot solve the problem, you can reset your projector by selecting Settings > Reset and trying to reconnect to the Wi-Fi. 

Normally, most projectors’ network connection problems can be solved by the methods above. If it still doesn’t work, please update the projector system.


JIRENO CUBE4 Projector System Update 

Go to Settings and select Update. Press Online Update and install, if available. If you don’t see an Update option, your unit’s system is already upgraded. 

In Settings, go to Device Preferences. Select About and press System Update. If an update isn’t available, the system has upgraded automatically. 

Before upgrading the system on a CUBE4 portable projector, please reserve ample time to upgrade and ensure your unit is connecting to the power. Do not attempt to turn off or use your projector during the update installation process.


Reset Your Device to Factory Settings

If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and are still encountering a network error, you may need to factory reset your CUBE4 projector. 

Factory resetting your device will clear any custom settings and uninstall all applications, returning it to its out-of-the-box state. Make sure you have all of your login passwords for any streaming apps in use and that you allow your projector ample time to properly reset and reboot.

It’s vital that your projector is plugged in during this process, so check if the LED lights indicating charging status are on and the correct color. 

After the reset, reboot your CUBE4 projector and see if the network error still occurs.

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