How to Make Your JIRENO CUBE4 Projector Last Longer?

Previously, we introduced the reason for cleaning projectors and the safety instructions when using the projector. In this passage, we will focus on the maintenance of JIRENO CUBE4 to extend its service life as long as possible.


What Kind of Environment Does CUBE4 Need to Operate?

Make sure to put it in a moisture-proof environment

JIRENO CUBE4 is a high-precision electronic product, which is very vulnerable to the erosion of the humid air, so there are certain requirements for indoor air humidity. The product can operate normally in an environment where the air humidity is about 45%--60%. If the air humidity exceeds or falls below this value range, CUBE4's working performance will be unstable, and even the machine will get serious damage.

If you live in a humid area such as London in Western Europe, and New England in the Northeastern United States, you'd better install a dehumidifier or turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner at home to reduce the indoor air humidity. In this way, it will result in the damage of the humid air to CUBE4 can be minimized to a certain extent. Additionally, if using the projector in a humid environment is unavoidable, the placement should be more particular. Setting CUBE4 in a well-ventilated place matters to ensure good air convection inside the projector. In normal environmental conditions, you can use CUBE4 reassuringly.



Running in Dust-free Environment is always better

For highly sophisticated electronic products, dust is a ubiquitous and terrible killer, most projectors will have the problem of images turning yellow and reduced brightness after hundreds of hours of use due to the electrostatic vacuuming on optics. Although JIRENO CUBE4 is equipped with a fully-sealed optical machine that prevents most dust from entering, users still need to pay attention to the dust-proof and dust-removing work of JIRENO CUBE4 when using it daily by cleaning the surface of the lens regularly. The lens is one of the essential components of the projector and is usually made of glass or resin material, which surface is easily scratched. It is recommended that you don’t need to clean it frequently and professional camera lens cleaning tools can be used to clean it.


How to Use And Store JIRENO CUBE4 Correctly?

Letting the projector cool is vital

Regardless of the type of projector, there will be a lot of heat generated inside after a long-time operation. If the heat is not expelled in time, the lamp and circuit board will age faster, and the service life of the projector will become shortened.

To let JIRENO CUBE4 dissipate heat efficiently, please set it in a place with ventilation on all sides. Do not place anything on the body, especially near its air vents. Once there is a ventilation environment around the projector, the machine can dissipate heat effectively. Moreover, thanks to the dual-fan heat dissipation system, the heatsink which conducts the heat can be kept cool by a pair of fans. Not only do they help to maintain a constant temperature, but they also operate at just 30 dB, lower than other projectors on the market.



Follow the instructions to operate it

When turning off the projector, many users choose to unplug the power cord directly instead of following the instructions. This dangerous action can easily cause the residual heat inside the projector to not be discharged in time, thereby damaging the projector components. It is suggested to use the remote control to turn off JIRENO CUBE4 and unplug the power cord after 30 seconds.


Like other electrical appliances, if JIRENO CUBE4 is not used for a long time, the internal components are prone to become moisture and aging. So let’s keep it in a sealed and dry storage bag, similar to a moisture-proof case for professional cameras. Unlike other projectors, JIRENO CUBE4 comes with a sturdy, fully-enclosed, and non-deformable storage bag.



Are There Any Risks When Using JIRENO CUBE4?

At present, most home projectors on the market have operation interfaces, which can be connected to the internet and perform operations like mobile phones. Due to the network connection, there is a certain risk of being invaded by external network viruses. Fortunately, JIRENO CUBE4 adopts a self-developed system with an inbuilt application market, providing multiple software, which can be reassuringly downloaded and used. At the same time, installing unknown applications should be avoided.

Besides, the built-in system of JIRENO CUBE4 will be continuously optimized and updated according to the review and feedback of users. When updating the version, the network should be kept unblocked and do not power off to prevent the machine from being unavailable due to the failure of the update.


For other precautions about JIRENO CUBE4 and other projectors, please check the previous blog. Hope you are satisfied with these tips of cleaning and maintaining the projector, and enjoy the viewing experience with JIRENO CUBE4.



February 13, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO

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