How to Clean and Maintain Projectors?

How to Clean and Maintain Projectors?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, watching movies at home has become the main entertainment. The concept of watching movies on a large screen is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, making the market demand for projectors continue to increase.

Nevertheless, users may encounter several problems such as loud noise and unclear image display after using the projector for a while. Spots appearing on the screen, which is mainly caused by the dust on the lens or inside the machine, is the thing that users complain about the most.

Why does the Projector Accumulate Dust?

The heat dissipation of the LCD panel of the projector is generally air-cooled by a dedicated fan. When the high-speed airflow passes through the dust filter, it may carry tiny dust particles, and then may rub against each other to generate static electricity. The fine particles will be absorbed by the optical system of the projector, and the gradually accumulated fine particles can be seen on the projection screen and affect your viewing experience. In addition, the soot particles from smoking are more likely to be absorbed in the optical system.

A large number of home projectors have the problem of dust entering the projector, even some famous brands will receive customer complaints. However, JIRENO CUBE4 adopts fully-enclosed optomechanical technology, which greatly reduces the chance of dust particles entering the projector.



How to Clean the Projector Simply?

Dust removal is an essential step of projector maintenance, ensuring your projector has the original brightness and you can get the best image quality. The cumulative dust inside the projector will reduce the effect of the fan, causing heat to accumulate inside the projector and shorten its service life. Before cleaning the projector, please power off the projector and let it cool down, otherwise, the overheated lens may hurt you.

Step 1: Clean the External Case

Wipe the exterior of the projector with a soft cloth. You can also moisten the soft cloth with water if needed to remove stubborn dirt. Finally, wipe the case again to clean the dust completely.

Step 2: Clean the Lens

Feel Free to clean the lens whenever you find that there is dirt or dust on it. First, take off the lens cap and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. It’s recommended to use professional cleaning tools such as professional lens wipes and microfiber cloths when cleaning the lens. Then, use an air blower and lens brush to remove the dust on the lens. Gently wipe your lens with lens-cleaning paper. Be careful not to wipe with a cloth or towel that tends to shed lint, or with ordinary paper towels to avoid scratching the lens or incomplete cleaning.



The simple external cleaning work of the projector can be done by ourselves. Please ask professionals for help if you want to clean the interior of the projector, for that some parts such as the bulb and the projector color wheel are easily damaged. Pay attention to the order and strength when disassembling and assembling to avoid damage to the projector.

What Do You Need to Note When Using the Projector?

Besides avoiding the long-time use of the projector, you also need to protect the projector from strong collision, squeezing, and vibration. These dangerous actions can easily displace the internal chip, resulting in RGB color misalignment. The lens is prone to damage the track under the impact, leading to the possibility that the lens is easily blocked or even broken, making it unusable. In addition, the reflector of the optical system will also be deformed or damaged, affecting the projection effect and image zoom.

Here are some other safety instructions that you need to follow when using the projector.

  1. To ensure a steady power supply for the projector, please use the power supply circuit that meets your national electricity standard. Please use a grounded power outlet.
  2. Never let the projector get wet or let water get inside of itto prevent an electric shock.
  3. Unplug the power cord andpack the projector in a dust bag if the product is not going to be used for a long time to prevent dust from entering the machine and causing abnormal pictures.
  4. Use the original foam when transporting the product.
  5. Do not place the projector on anunstable platform, shelf, or soft surfaces such as sofa, fur rug.
  6. Do not use the machinenear water or heat sources.
  7. Do not touch the optical parts with your hands and hard objects. Do not open the lidwithout authorization.
  8. During the operation, do not block the inlet and outlet of the projectorto prevent the product from overheating.
  9. Do not place the power cord where it is easy to be stepped on to prevent the cords or plugs from being frayedor damaged.
  10. The power cord must be unplugged after turning the machine off and waiting for it to naturally cool to avoid indirectly shortening the lamp life.

Cleaning the projector is not as difficult as you think. The projector is a device that can be used for a long time if you do take good care of it.


February 02, 2022 — Yuki JIRENO