1080P FHD Resolution | Full 4K Decoding | Eye Comfort Brightness | All Aluminum CNC Shell | Enclosed Optical Machine | HDR10+
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What Makes a Great Projector?
Self-developed JIOS
Can download and access applications freely via the inbuilt operating system.
6D Auto Correction
CUBE4 scans the surrounding area and automatically completes the adjustments required to produce a picture that is flat and rectangular.
Fully Auto-Focus
A camera combined with IR ranging and memory function measures the distance between the projector and screen,adjusting the focus to provide a clear image within 5 seconds.
Exceptional Cinematic Viewing
Your TV programs, movies and sports events will have a more natural color transition and more realistic images.
Brightness up to 500ANSI Lumens
Easy to Carry
This portable unit is equipped with a sturdy hand strap, allowing it to be carried easily to whatever location you desire.
Advanced Shell Design
CUBE4 is fitted within an attractive space-gray all-aluminum shell constructed utilizing the same manufacturing process used to sheath the Mac Pro.
Diffuse Reflection
The light of CUBE4 is projected to the wall and then enters your eyes after the reflection, which can greatly reduce the irritation of the strong light source.
Quiet Companion<30dB
Designed with the dual-fan heat dissipation system and software buffer,CUBE4's noise level maxes out at a whisper-quiet 30dB
Hot Surface? Impossible!
- Dual Fan System
- Aluminum Radiator Design
High-Performance Chip
Provides excellent system performance and high- speed image processing.
Amlogic®is owned by Amlogic Incorporated
Powerful VIDU Audio Technology
CUBE4 utilizes dual built-in 5W speakers with customized diaphragms, stimulating the spatial sound effect of a larger cavity.
No More Sorrow for Spots
Thanks to the totally sealed optical machine, the interior of CUBE4 remains dust-free and black spots are prevented.
Versatile Interfaces
Versatile Interfaces | Bluetooth 5.0 | Dual-Band WiFi
Why Choose Our JIRENO CUBE4?
We hope that our CUBE4 products will bring the best experience to you
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