1. JIRENO brand attaches great importance to the user’s shopping experience.
    And we hope that our professionalism and dedication can make customers feel at ease.
    Payment Method Policy
      The JIRENO online store currently only supports paypal payment, and other payment methods will be opened in the future.
      You only need to pay the price of the product, shipping; no other fees, such as customs fees
      All produce tax free from JIRENO
      Use PayPal to pay.
      We will be redirected to the PayPal official payment webpage during checkout.
      And our payments are made in a safe environment.

      Payment of PayPal:
      1. You have your PayPal account, then choose the PayPal to complete the payment directly
      2. If you want to use the PayPal payment, but you don’t have one PayPal account, please register one first.
        3. Choose your bank country
        4. Now you can use credit card to pay
        5. Pay Attention:
        Do you want to use this credit card to create a paypal account? According to your needs, choose yes or no.

        Please don’t use “e-check” payment, this payment states is “uncleared”, this shows we don’t receive your payment now, we can’t arrange the shipment for you.
        We will check our PayPal account. When we confirm that they receive payment, we will arrange within 24 hours to arrange delivery. Orders may be verified and accepted before transportation.
        Official Email:
        available for product use help, consultation on refunds and returns, and other help you need
        we promise will reply within 24 hours

        The above terms do not include special event times, such as Christmas, Easter, Crowdfunding events, etc.

        Special events will follow the terms of the special events, including logistics policies, refund policies, quality assurance policies, and service policies.

        And we respect and protect user privacy. We will indicate the terms and conditions of the event on the page of each special event.